Terms and Conditions

Our Rules for using AirgunsForSale.net:

By using this site in ANY capacity, you agree to hold harmless Airgunsforsale.net, it’s owners, family members, related businesses, etc., from any and all losses, legitimate or perceived and agree that you are using this site AT YOUR OWN RISK.  If you do not agree, then please leave.

By placing an ad you explicitly agree to these rules, i.e. terms and conditions.  Violating these will result in a forfeiture of any fees paid and the immediate deletion of the offending ads.  Chronic violations will result in your account being deleted and your IP banned from future use of the site.

Basic Rules:

  • Ads must be US based ONLY – Please do not post as for international sales
  • Keep your ads short and simple
  • ALL CAPS is “yelling” in Internet Speak.  Please don’t use ALL CAPS for your ad
  • Be sure to include the following critical data: Asking price; Age, Condition, Caliber, Make, Current Functionality, and most importantly – HOW TO CONTACT YOU.  (I get to use all caps.. it’s my site)

More Specific Terms and Conditions

  • NO HTML within the ads
  • Non-airgun related ads are prohibited, do not post ads firearms, business ads, cars, etc.
  • Airsoft and Paintball ads ARE permitted.
  • Only Ad data is permitted.  Links to other sites are not permitted.
  • Ad items must have an asking price.
  • This is a Classifieds site not an Auction Site.  NO AUCTIONING of products.
  • Business may NOT post ads without authorization.
  • Ads with excessive or all capital letters will be removed without notice.
  • Ads advertising illegal items are not allowed.
  • Ads that are derogatory or use profanity will be removed without notice with users blocked from future use.
  • Ads must be selling a product, posting opinions, prices, information to other sites, is NOT allowed.
  • Any ads not conforming to these rules will be deleted without notice with any fees paid forfeit and non refundable.

If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not use this site.