About Us

Airgun Classifieds website and so much more!

AirgunsForSale.net, an airgun classifieds site, is a concept that’s not new, nor is it alone in it’s existence.  I needed a way to post my ever expanding collection of airguns in a safe and efficient manner.  I review airguns for many vendors and manufacturers all over the world.  I have well over 100 guns, many of which I’ll probably never shoot once they are no longer relevant.

Moreover, I’m a bit of a control freak and want to play on my own playground where I can make my own rule rather than be subject to the rules of someone else.  I’m also a web developer, web marketing guy, and all around Tech Consultant.  So, it makes sense that I just do it myself.

With all that said, I bet there are a lot of other folks that want to have a simple and easy way to post their airguns and connect with airgunners.  As I work to fill in the gaps on this site, I’m seeing all kinds of ways to expand it into something much bigger, much more informational, and much more useful than just a way for me to post my old airguns.

We’ll be expanding things as we go.  For now, please be sure to register an account and start posting your airgun ads!